About Us

July 8th, 2008

Brain Compatible Learning Network                                 

This Network is supported by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) to share information and resources. image0014While ASCD sponsors this network, it does not necessarily reflect their policy nor is it their official publication.

We began publishing a newsletter after the ground breaking books How the Brain Works and Human Brain and Human Learning by Leslie A. Hart with earlier publications under other titles during the early 1980s.  Launa Ellison published the Consortium for Whole Brain Learning newsletter between the years 1980-2003. This newsletter started in 1989 as hard copy and went to the electronic format in 2006.

We are senior educators freely sharing our lifetimes in schools. We ask only of the materials you use that you indicate the source.

Surprisingly, in the early years, the concept of brain based learning was resisted and it was difficult to obtain sessions on the topic at conferences or to get articles published in the major education journals. That changed dramatically in recent years!

Network Facilitators

Launa Ellison taught elementary students for 40 years. She is the author of Seeing with Magic Glasses and The Personal Intelligences: Promoting Social and Emotional Learning. She has taught classes at four universities and has been a consultant in South Africa, Singapore, Canada and Bangladesh. She has published over 20 professional articles and published the excellent Consortium for Whole Brain Learning newsletter for 18 years. She is currently working with the Minneapolis Library system to teach parents about learning styles and emotions. She can be reached at launael@att.net or 612-377-2403.

Dr. Pauline Stonehouse is a former teacher and administrator with 25 years of experience in a British secondary school. She is currently an assistant professor in the Educational Leadership Department at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and teaches graduate programs in Curriculum, Instruction and Learning Theory and Personnel Supervision and Staff Development. Her main research interests include the supervision and evaluation of teachers and the impact of blog technology on learning in higher education. She can be reached at: pauline.stonehouse@und.edu or 701-777-4163.

Editors Emeriti: Dr. Wayne B. Jennings began publishing our “brain” newsletter in1989. He is a former teacher, principal, school board chair, superintendent and adjunct professor.  He is the chair of the International Association for Learning Alternatives. He can be reached at  wayne@institute4learning.org or 651-644-2805. Dr. Joan Caulfield joined the “brain” movement and this newsletter in 1996. She is a former teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, professor and university regent. She can be reached at joancaulfield@prodigy.net or 816-361-6192.