Graphics and Documents

July 16th, 2008


Title File Format
The Brain, Learning, and the Arts – Bibliography  PDF
Active learning experiences PDF
 Brain’s need for input  PDF
 Brain’s need for active learning  PDF
 Brain’s need for safety  PDF
 Brain’s need for feedback  PDF
 Brain’s needs overview  PDF
 Brain’s needs in four graphics PDF 
Brain’s natural affinity for numbers PDF
Adolescent changing brain PDF
Brain compatible learning processes toward outcomes PDF
What the brain likes PDF
Multiple intelligences PDF
Creative intelligences PDF
Brain based school PDF
Learner centered psychological principles (from APA) PDF
Learning through experiences PDF
Powers of the brain PDF
Environmental studies project PDF
Community learning center: brain compatible school design PDF
Transformed school principles PDF
Advisor program: key points PDF
Graduate: key outcomes PDF
Student’s burning questions as springboard for curriculum planning PDF
Teaching: 3 aspects PDF
Testing: a few important questions to ask PDF