November 1st, 2016

A intriguing recent two page document describes the actual behavioral outcomes of empowerment competencies. An example of a competency area: Self Awareness divided into Emotional awareness; Accurate Self-assessment and Self-confidence. Here’s how Self-confidence is described : A strong sense of one’s self-worth and capabilities. Here are the behaviors:

  1. Present myself with self-assurance: have “presence”
  2. Can voice views that are unpopular and go out on a limb for what is right
  3. Decisive, able to make sound decisions despite uncertainties and pressures

Self-regulation, Self-motivation, Empathy, and Social skills are other competence areas. The attached chart Empowerment is from Twin Cities Rise, Empowerment Institute which works with low income people on the premise that these competencies underlie success. These competencies are foundational for all ages!